Sports Hypnosis

Session 1
Complimentary Discovery Call
This is where we discover how 2win2moro can assist you in further achieving your dreams and improving your performance.
Session 1
Session 2
Sports Hypnosis #1
Fast Track is looking into your future, knowing where you want to get to and putting you on the path to further success and winning.
Session 2
Session 3
Sports Hypnosis #2
Look at what we learned from the first session and past performances, after your first session. Here we now dive deeper into what could be holding you back, where we can unlock more potential in your athletic potential.
Session 3
Session 4
Sports Hypnosis #3
We now revisit what we have done in the previous sessions, ensuring we have a solid plan moving you towards your season, final or major competition. This is vital to your ultimate and continued success as a number 1 athlete.
Session 4
Athletic performance is all about preparation, from training to nutrition to recovery. However, many athletes fail to prepare their mind, either to be able to handle their success or their disappointments. Sport is so much more then being physically gifted.
Performance it isn't just physical consistancy, as at the elite level most athletes are similar physically, but the ones that stay on top are mentally consistent. There are so many ups and downs with sport, often they are unavoidable so you have to be mentally strong.
Becoming Number 1
The hunger to be number 1 drives all athletes. The climb to the top is extremely difficult and takes years to get there. However, staying number 1 is even harder, having the dedication to keep pushing and being in front of your competitors is the real mental challenge.
Pre Season
Number 1

Game On!

Magdalena Lyle

Sports Hypnotherapist

I have helped sportspeople with their issues through programs that are personalised and suited to them. As we know not everyone is the same, perhaps with the same issue but they are not the same in how they are healed.

As I always say, “Same, same but different!”

 That is why athletes come to see me, they trust me, they are confident in the results that I give them and the rapport I have with them sets them at ease and comfortable.

 My athletes have had enormous success and walk away feeling amazing, confident and ready to set foot on the court, the field or whatever their sport is their head is focused on what needs to happen to get them to win.