Mindset At The Elite Level

From College to the Professional level, athletes have such a bright future. Possibly! They have spent years fine-tuning their craft, thousands of hours practising, training, and competing. Yet very few have a career that lasts any longer than a few years at best.

Do you know the average career of a professional athlete in the USA, in any of the major leagues, NBA, NFL, NHL?

Why do these athletes who have worked hard for the majority of their life and get to live their dream. Yet it can all be over in a blink of an eye.

If you do look at it closely and understand what makes an athlete have a long term career then and only then will you realise what it is.  All pro athletes have physical talent and gifts, it is one of the reasons that they make it to the pro level. However, since they all have physical gifts, there must be something else that goes with the physical talent.

Mindset, the ability to not be overwhelmed, complacent in the moment when they reach the big time.