Sports Hypnosis 

I help Olympic and professional level athletes,

discover their potential and improve their mindset

so they can reach number 1 and be the best in the world!

Pro Athletes Who Use Sports Hypnosis

Michael Jordan
Mohammed Ali
Tiger Woods
Steve Hooker

Andre Agassi
Andy Cole
Adam Nelson
Shaquille O'Neal

You Need Me on Your Team

Wayne Gretzky
Billie Jean King
Lance Armstrong
Jack Nicklaus

Swiss Olympic Team
Los Angeles Lakers
Chicago Whitesox
Mary Lou Retton

You Need Me on Your Team

Game On!

Magdalena Lyle

Sports Hypnotherapist

I have helped sportspeople with their issues through programs that are personalised and suited to them. As we know not everyone is the same, perhaps with the same issue but they are not the same in how they are healed.

As I always say, “Same, same but different!”

 That is why athletes come to see me, they trust me, they are confident in the results that I give them and the rapport I have with them sets them at ease and comfortable.

 My athletes have had enormous success and walk away feeling amazing, confident and ready to set foot on the court, the field or whatever their sport is their head is focused on what needs to happen to get them to win.

You need me on your team!

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